About Grixy's Grooming

We are not your typical groomers. Every dog or cat matters because they are more than your pet, they're your best friend. And that is exactly how they're treated at Grixy's Grooming.

Caring for one dog at a time means they don't spend all day in a kennel waiting or becoming anxious. Elizabeth shows your pet compassion and love while bathing or giving them their haircut. With over 15 years of experience in the service industry she has made individual care an art instead of a process. That means their needs are met in full whether they're scared or just like being the center of attention.

Grixy's Grooming is a completely open environment. Our large windows let in the natural light and help your dog or cat to feel more at home. Pets are never tied or crated during their stay, instead they are welcomed and treated like the guest they are.

Being cared for like this can lead to less stress and ultimately a happier and healthier life. By using all natural products you can rest assured that no dangerous chemicals are near your pet.

Grixy's Grooming is conveniently located at 
466 Wickenden Street in the Fox Point area of Providence. 
Call or email for an appointment!
(401) 406-0233